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Why replace your fuel filter?

It is important to make sure your gas tank has the cleanest gas possible for your vehicle to run its best. Fuel must transfer through a fuel filter before going to the engine trapping the dirt, water, and other contaminates that could block passages to the fuel injection system. Maintaining the fuel filter is important because in many cases you have no warning there is an issue and your engine may simply not start one day.

In diesel fuel filters, fine particles, water must be removed from diesel fuel before it travels through the fuel injection system. The fuel from the fuel tank is routed through the filter which filters out the contaminates. If the filter is a fuel/water separator, the fine particles remain trapped in the filter media while the water droplets come together and fall to the bottom of the filter. Some filters are equipped with a drain at the bottom portion of the filter to drain the water from the filter.

Benefit to You:

  • Keeps contaminants from entering into your fuel system
  • Helps maintain engine performance
  • Helps provide better gas mileage

Super-Lube recommends changing a fuel filter every 15,000-30,000 miles.